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Broomfield Pediatric Chiropractic

Getting a Great Start to Life

Dr. Jeff adjusts a pediatric patientFrom the time your baby is born, they reach exciting milestones like crawling, standing, walking, running, learning to ride a bike and joining sports teams.

Through all phases of life, slips, falls and injury can happen.

At Core Health Chiropractic, we help all ages of children ensure they do not experience any serious problems from life’s stumbles.

Cultivating Your Child’s Wellbeing

Many parents bring their children to Core Health Chiropractic because of a particular condition, such as ADD/ADHD, ear infections, fussiness, and sports-related injuries.

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Michael are extremely experienced in Broomfield pediatric chiropractic and will give your young ones the outstanding health care they need for proper growth and development.

Get in touch with us to get started with Broomfield pediatric chiropractic care.