I am no longer held hostage by my back pain.

I had my first appointment with Core Health Chiropractic in October 2015. At the time, I was suffering with severe nerve pain from my low back down to my foot. An MRI revealed protruding discs L4 and L5, which left me unable to work, play, or sleep. I worried I would need to sell my dental practice, and that I could no longer be the kind of mom, wife, or friend that I wanted to be. The pain was taking over my life, and I was becoming depressed and frustrated. In fact, my personality was gone.

After four months of chiropractic and decompression treatments, combined with stretching, posture therapy, and a few acupuncture appointments, my pain had significantly diminished. I am no longer held hostage by my back, and am back to being comfortable on a daily basis.

Thank you to Dr. Cartwright for helping my personality to return. I have no plans to discontinue my chiropractic visits.

– Jaci Spencer, DDS